New Job

While things have gone well working independently as Aceoft Studios, when I received some offers from a couple local companies for full time positions, I went for it.

I'm sure I could have continued to find more work as time went on, but I think with the responsibilities that I've taken on (wife, kid), I would be irresponsible to turn down a great job with benefits just so I can work for myself.

I knew from the start, however, that I wouldn't be taking any job that came along. I've had jobs I didn't really like before, and if there was any way I could survive independently, I wanted to go that route first. After all, if I'm not happy at work, it makes me less enjoyable to my family, and that's not fair to them either.

With that, I've taken a job at Canvas On Demand as a Web developer. I had been doing some subcontracting for them and found it to be a cool space to work in.

It's a relatively small company, compared to my previous day job, and I'm liking the difference. Everyone here seems to like what they do. They're not sitting in their offices thinking about work politics or who did what or how to cover their butts. They're working hard and making the company successful.

There is no enormous pressure from unseen executives with multi-million dollar homes to sacrifice all in order to make them more millions. Just a couple of real world guys that started a business together and really care about the business as much as the people who make it successful.

I look forward to enjoying the success we create together!

Ouch!! Gee...wonder who ET's talking about??? :)

Good luck big guy.
5/12/2009 3:56:24 PM
LOLOLOL! So glad you found something better. Great pics of Seth, and Heather's haircut is adorable. Did you guys see Kings of Leon on the MTV Movie Awards? Looks like you, only after a lot of Taco Bell...
6/1/2009 10:36:34 AM
Congratulations on the new job. I hope everything works out great.
6/7/2009 7:59:39 PM
Elijah Taylor
Pam: Thanks! and no... I didn't...
James: Thank you :)
6/7/2009 10:15:33 PM
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