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Standing in the hall with his eyes closed again
Remembering, remembering
The looks he got will never leave him again
Disbelief, and a general disrespect
He wonders where the other paths would have led
Retracing and regretting

Forever, a lover
Forever, no other
Forever, a traitor
Forever, a hater

I feel the underground basin under stress
It’s pushing, and I’m pulling
I know there’s only one way out of this mess
It’s bending and I’m folding

Just stay away
I don’t know if I want the memory


song info

Track: 3
Length: 2:44

album info

Storyteller by Elijah Taylor

Released: Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Producers: Elijah Taylor & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 14
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Liner Notes

Welcome to Super-Reality, and welcome to my sixth release.

Seven of these songs have appeared on my previous limited release, '28.' In addition to those, I've added seven more tunes to the collection now known as "Storyteller." Thank you for joining me on my continued journey of self-discovery.

All songs written, produced, edited, recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by yours truly at Aceoft Studios in Cadillac, MI.

Thanks to my family, my lovely wife Heather, my friends, Spoof, Viktor, Zuehlke, and too many more to list here.

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