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Me, Myself, and I

Hey man
Hey, what’s up?
What ya doin, man?
Oh nothing, just messin around with this riff
I came up with this morning.
Oh sweet, let me hear it

Cool let me get my bass, man.

Yeah, its much better with the bass though, thanks.

‘Sup guys?
Hey man, ‘sup?
What ya doin?
Just jammin
Wanna jump in, man?
Sure… don’t mind if I do.
Check check check
I think I know just the thing, man

Blue eyes are my feeling
When I see my face in the mirror
Although hazel remains in sight clearer
So I sing to the freeway
No one knows why I can’t see
Two miles beyond freedom

Wipe off all the water
From my hands while I
Take you to another place
Where there’s always things that matter
And our happenings are always all the rage

I can see that there’s always a way to be empty
I feel free until reality comes up to bite me

What’s going on?
I like bass, bass is good
Whoa, wait a minute, hold on, what were you doing?
Uhh, singing?
Bass bass bass bass
Will you cut that out?
Sorry, geez
No, here, give me my electric
That could have been a cool song
What’s your problem?
Pssh, fine
Bass bass bass
You think this is any better?
Shut up, this is awesome
Check this out

Well I write mad songs
Cuz I don’t know what other songs to write
Well I write bad songs

What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Whatever man… fine, you write it
Watch me
Check one two
Bass bass bass bass
Dude gimme that bass again
Bass! Like that?

Don’t show your face here
You’ve gone away
And I don’t want you back

Just like you
Do you two ever quit?
Shut up!
Geez, never mind
Dude, make yourself useful and get on lead or something
Sit there like a bump on a log
Is that thy bidding, my master?
Well just try to pretend like you care about this project at all
Dude, watch where you’re goin’
It will be better than that crap we had on before
Don’t even start
Yeah, crap
Bass bass bass
Dude, enough with the bass, just play it ok?
Are you ready for the lead, cuz I’m quite ready to play
lead over here, thank you
I liked him better before he died
I heard that, goat cheese
Eh, whatever
You said goat cheese
Shut up!
How’s that grab ya? Is that good enough for ya?
Dude, what happened to the bass?
Right here! Bass bass bass bass

Well I know of someone who thinks that I cannot write good
Write well! – Shut up!
You see what I mean?
He taunts me and teases and tells me that I cannot make it
You suck!
See now I can’t take it!
Get out of my head!
Get out of my memories!
Go on off to bed,
You are no friend of me!

See, now that was awesome
Oh and by the way, you were playing the lead to “impossible”
From the… third cd?
I don’t care! It was awesome.
Bass bass bass

song info

Track: 14
Length: 6:23

album info

Storyteller by Elijah Taylor

Released: Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Producers: Elijah Taylor & Michael McNamara
Tracks: 14
Buy: Order now!

Liner Notes

Welcome to Super-Reality, and welcome to my sixth release.

Seven of these songs have appeared on my previous limited release, '28.' In addition to those, I've added seven more tunes to the collection now known as "Storyteller." Thank you for joining me on my continued journey of self-discovery.

All songs written, produced, edited, recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by yours truly at Aceoft Studios in Cadillac, MI.

Thanks to my family, my lovely wife Heather, my friends, Spoof, Viktor, Zuehlke, and too many more to list here.

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